Build Your Team Course Outcomes

  • Strong Connections

    Feel empowered from the relationships you have with the individuals that make up your team. Make your team members feel empowered from each other.

  • A Happy Team

    When a team member is connected and knows they are valuable to your business, they will feel a sense of belonging. Satisfied team members contribute as much as they can to the business.

  • Good Relationships

    Build relationships that can benefit your business both now and down the road. Connections are the best way to grow. Seek to create them whenever you have a chance.

Course curriculum

    1. Build Your Team

    2. Homework

    3. Links Discussed

    4. Organization Chart Sample

    5. Accountability Chart Sample

    6. CFP Time Block

    7. Operations Director Time Block

    8. Case Study

About this course

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  • 8 lessons
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