The Retainer Based Academy

Designed for driven financial planners and advisors.

We built the Retainer Based Academy for planners and advisors who want to grow their practice, add more value for clients, and build a lifestyle business. 

It's hard to do those things without a gameplan, in fact, it's impossible. RBA is your gameplan, your playbook, your how-to guide for creating a recurring revenue model that works for you, your employees, and your clients. 

RBA is a series of online courses broken into the six main themes that we believe make up a successful practice. 

RBA Outcomes

You can look forward to...

  • Happier Clients

    Clients should pay for value. With a retainer model, you get paid to advise your clients on what is truly best for them. They'll love you for it!

  • An Effective Team

    Empower your employees to take ownership of their roles. Set clear, specific expectations, build the process, then step back!

  • A Balanced Lifestyle

    When was your last vacation? With a retainer model, your keeps running well, regardless of whether you're in the office.

Enroll in the Advisor Acceleration Course

Level Up Your Practice & Your Life


“"When I heard that this course was available, I was excited. I always knew I was doing a good job for my clients, but I could never seem to find enough time to grow my practice. It felt like I was constantly being held back by some of the required tasks of our profession. Fred has helped me break through that by teaching me how to focus on my strengths and my passion for my practice. I am grateful that he has given me the tools to help me bring my best self forward to my clients and myself. Thank you!"”

Edwin S. - Mortgage Advisor &

“We all lack the discipline we truly need to be as successful as we’d like. The knowledge and material Retainer Based Academy provides will inevitably help every advisor create more structure and, therefore, become more successful!”

Jason B. - 20 Year Financial Services Professional

“Taking this course allowed me to look at my business through a different lens. Too often, I’m caught up in the day to day helping clients and reacting to their needs. Fred provides the tool to better structure my day and office for optimal efficiency.”

William V. - Financial Services Professional

“I am a financial planner with 30+ years of experience. I just completed the Advisor Acceleration course. This course does what it says it will do. It allows the successful financial planner to move to the next level. I have found that with success in your practice, the number of moving parts to continue to grow and succeed are threatened by your previous successes. This course helps you to focus on the organizational structures and requirements that may not have been in place in the earlier stages of your practice but which are crucial now.”